Low Dose Naltrexone LDN for Pets / Animals


Basically, you can get a ballpark estimate of the correct dose by multiplying the pet's weight in pounds by a factor of .03. It is based on Clark's pharmaceutical dosing rule, which is a standard in the industry.

Here is a Yahoo chat group for people using LDN to treat pets:


This site discusses LDN dosing for both humans and animals:


This site discusses LDN in the treatment of cancer in humans:


This site discusses LDN in the treatment of a case of canine cancer:





I approve new people to the list every day, and am pleased that people are finding their way to LDN.

Sadly, nearly everybody who comes here is desperate, at the end of a long futile search for help, very often for cancer, with their pets failing rapidly.

LDN works in two ways on cancer.
First it improves the immune system. Cancer is essentially an immune system failure. We all have cancer cells, but our immune systems take care of them, and we never exhibit the disease. Secondly, it actually inhibits cell proliferation. That is very important.

Pets are dosed at .03 mg per pound of weight. A
10 pound cat gets about 1/3 of a mg. A 50 pound dog gets about 1.5 mg. A 100 pound dog gets about a human dose of 3 mg. We start there.

If you can talk your vet into prescribing it, but s/he is not familiar with it, have them call Skip's Pharmacy
toll free to talk to real experts. Every employ, intern and the owners are on LDN, including Skip's golden retrievers. They have been in the forefront of LDN advocacy for well over a decade.

If your vet refuses, while looking for a new vet, since there is NO valid reason that they cannot or should not prescribe it, you can still get it over the internet.

Now, I want to talk to the lurkers. It is not fair to ask LDN to bring us, or our pets, back from the brink of death. LDN promotes health, it does not cure disease. Your upgraded immune system cures the diseases. Who does not need
an tweaked immune system?

I was listening on the radio the other day and they said, "The best time to plant a pecan tree is ten years ago. The
second best time is right now." That applies to LDN as well. The best time to start using it for both you and your pets is ten years ago. The second best time is right now.

It is very forgiving. Take it at night or in the morning, with some food, or on an empty stomach. Use it daily or when you think about it. Weekly is better than never. Twice a week, three times a week, odd calendar days, even calendar days, Monday-Wednesday-Friday. It does not matter how you take it, just take it. The only rules are not more often than once per 24 hours, not if you are on heroin or addicted to
opiods, and more is not better. If you adjust the dose, start by taking it down, not up.

You can research it to death -- literally. If you have a feeling that it might be of use, jump in with both feet and give it a try. Healthy people and pets don't notice much difference. The health is usually seen in hindsight, like, "I used to get a cold every winter, but I haven't had a cold now in three years!" "I used to be allergic to bee stings, but didn't even need an injection when I got stung last week." "My whole family has auto-immune diseases, but I have never been diagnosed with one -- yet. That is so great."

Please don't just read about it. Get off you rear and make it part of your life, just like a vitamin pill. You don't see a big difference right away, but you know that it is the right thing to do. It is cheaper than a vitamin pill too.

--Francie (10th July 2017)


The Pet Parent’s Handbook To A Ketogenic Diet & Canine Cancer

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