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A few years ago, I was told by my doctor in Australia (who was my father in law) I had Hepatitis C, and probably have had it for 20 years or more. (then 52yo I'm 57yo now)
I was shocked, but luckily my liver was ok, but my numbers were way above the normal range. He then mentioned Low Dose Naltrexone and how he had read that people were getting good results for Hep C with LDN. (Dr Neil Beck was a very well read doctor but has retired now)

I had to get prescriptions and go to a "compounding chemist" and get 4.5mg capsules of LDN made up.
They cost me about US$1 per capsule, and that did not include cost of the doctors prescriptions,  plus it was a real hassle.
Our price works out at about 0.25c per 4.5mg dose.

Unfortunately I did not scan my first liver function tests,  
but of the eight indicators, six were way above the normal range. 
(H = High)

This is a LFT from February 2013, still three are above normal range.

I have now been taking LDN on a regular basis for 3 years and below is my latest LFT.

Dated September 2013

You will notice that all are back within normal range except my AST which is slightly elevated.

Above is my very latest liver function test (August 2014) after taking LDN for about four years. As you can see, now my AST is back in normal range but my AST is just slightly elevated. These are the numbers of a with a healthy liver, although I have had Hep C for over 25 years! ; )


Each time I had a liver function test we saw improvement,  and my
Bilirubin was the last to go back into the normal range.
My Hepatologist is amazed.

After having such success and being fully convinced that LDN is 
fantastic for "boosting the immune system", 
I realized it was pretty hard to get.

After moving to Thailand,  my brother suggested it may be a good idea to
see if I could source LDN, and make a website where people could get LDN 
at a reasonable price, and without a prescription.
Hence this site.

I hope it works as well for you as it has for me.






You may think I am making a big deal of the liver function test below because it IS A BIG DEAL!

As of May 2016 my Liver Function Tests have gone from six out of eight indicators being well above average, to ALL within normal range!!!!

For absolute PROOF that Nodict Naltrexone works miraculously, just have a look at my liver function test results above!

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We Support Low Dose Naltrexone Research
Your Purchase Furthers Research At No Extra Cost