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LDN Instructions

Make Your Own LDN Solution See Below


Dissolve 50mg (1 x 50mg tablet) in 1/2 litre (500ml) of water. For every 1 mg dose of Naltrexone, drink 10ml of LDN solution. For a 4.5mg dose, drink 45ml of solution. For a 3mg dose, drink 30ml of solution etc.

You will get 12 doses at 4mg from the 500ml botttle.  We feel this is ideal, we have found it does not lose potency in solution.  Most people find this very convenient. Some refrigerate, some not, it seems to not be required.

Kept in foil packaging, at room temperature you have at least 2.5 years before expiry date. Refrigerated they will last for decades.

If you prefer capsules rather than a solution to drink
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Hi Ian,

Thank you for getting my order out in the mail.  Do you provide the measuring cup for mixing or can you give some thoughts of where I might purchase that item?  I have MS and am so excited to see this work for me.

Hi Deb,
I have tons of these so I am happy to send them if you want to pay a 100Bht P+H to get a free one sent (or lots of free ones sent).
But I suggest you show the picture above to your nearest clinic/hospital and they should give you one.

All the best.....Ian
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A chemist I know tells me that naltrexone is totally water soluble and after initial mix should not be mixed again as it picks up the settled sediment. Do you have any opinion on this?

You can consume or discard the tiny bit of settled sediment, it is not harmful.
-- Dudley Delany, RN, MA, DC

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Another method for taking low dose Naltrexone is to take a 50 mg Naltrexone tablet and dissolve it in 50 ml of distilled water. Then it can be dosed with a measured dropper or syringe (no needle) to the 3 mg to 5 mg dosage that is commonly required. The remaining solution is usually refrigerated for storage.

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Dr Bihari felt taking it best was after 9pm nightly,  but since this can effect sleep, any time should also be effective.

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How to make LOW DOSE Naltrexone© (LDN)

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Gluten Free etc?

We only have/sell Nodict or Naltima 50mg tablets.
According to these, they are gluten free...

A chemist I know tells me that Naltrexone is totally water soluble and after initial mix should not be mixed again as it picks up the tiny bit of sediment settled  at the bottom of the bottle. Do you have any opinion on this?

The settled sediment is not harmful.You can discard or consume it
-- Dudley Delany, RN, MA, DC
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