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Ian Hewitt - Resume - CV

(Condensed Online Version)

 Hi All,

My name is Ian,  a 58yo divorced/single Australian guy living in Thailand. In 1996 I was living in Tokyo teaching English. My ex-wife's best friend left Japan and gave me her Mac LC III  as she could not take it with her. (with a whole 4MB of RAM 128MB Hard Drive = half a song hard drive!).I started to learn how to use it and then saw a thing called "Ringo Net" (Ringo  means Apple in Japanese), which was 500 Apple users in Japan, all hooked up on a sort of mini Internet.
My pro musician pal Derek Short is also a Mac expert, he taught me everything Ik now about Macs (and more!).

I then became fascinated with search engines like Alta Vista and Excite etc. When Google came out, it killed 95% of search engines. It is by far the best, but one that survived that is very good is Dogpile Web Search.

After a while I was more interested in making websites and search engines than English teaching, here is my sort of progession.....

Edutainment How to Teach Language with Fun and Games the first site made to sell my English teaching book. My brother Alan taught me HTML when book wholesalers threatened bookstores, that if they bought directly from me, they would not sell to them. So EslGames.com is for teachers of "English as a Second Language". Then I started to make web sites for clients, mainly friends and family from WebsiteHeaven.com.au
We also started a small business offering Apple Mac support in Japan in English!  MacHelpNow.com

My best and my "baby" is TypingCertification.com , we have been the #1 online typing certification website since 2002.
When I moved here 5 years ago, some pals got me to source these BetterThanSildenafil.com for them from China. Pushin (herbal Viagra) that is far better
than the drug Sildenafil/Viagra.
I bought the place I reside at BaanPuriPhuket.com
Before TheLoveShopPhuket.com there was no Adult Store in Phuket, now they have mail order and guarrantee delivery quickly and reliably. They are a "prohibited import", but legal once in the country. It seems insane considering what else you can buy!

I got my RAA Pilots License in Perth at Cloud Dancer Flying School and did some flight training in Phuket. However I have not flown for two years due to time and money. 
However Phuket has a thriving model Model Aircraft Boats and Helicopters enthusiast group. Radio Control model lovers of all types!
A few years ago my elderly mother had seen her friends one of these, the
Garage Safe Stop Sign and asked me for one for Christmas. When I went to buy one, the Asia Pacific distributor had suddenly gone silent. Long story short,  I am now the Asia Pacific dealer for Garage Stop Sign Auto Parking  Sensor and Automotive Car Safety Products

To be continued ...

Ian Hewitt
# A4 Baan Puri Resort
110/67 Moo 3
Cherng Talay
Phuket 83110
Skype’ “edutain”
66 8 4629 5363









April 2018