Dr. Connealy Video Supplements for Cancer Prevention & Treatment


Dr. Connealy Video Supplements for Cancer
Prevention & Treatment

Hi All, 
I recently I observed that a *lot* of my friends and acquaintances are 
fighting cancer.
Luckily these days it is just a health challenge that can be beaten quite often.
Some of these methods threaten Big Pharma, as we are talking billions of US$.

All you see below is 100% true, just the facts are given, please
make of that what you will.

For example

 The drug, approved in 1997, is AstraZeneca's second-best-selling product, with U.S. sales of $5.3 billion last year. But that success has been marred by frequent allegations that the company illegally marketed the drug and downplayed its risks.

WARNINGS:There may be a slightly increased risk of serious, possibly fatal side effects (such as strokeheart failure, fast/irregular heartbeat, pneumonia) when this medication is used by older adults with dementia. Once this medication is stopped there is an increased risk of sudden death for up to three months.

However, studies have shown that a number of people who take drugs to treat depression may experience worsening depression, other mental/mood symptoms, or suicidal thoughts/attempts.

Robin Williams was on Seroquel when he killed hmself,  but his autopsy results only say.."Toxicology reports reveal antidepressants, caffeine and Levodopa, a drug used to treat Parkinson's disease, in his system."

Notice Levodopa was mentioned by name but only the generic term is used for the other drug. "Toxicology reports reveal antidepressants, caffeine and Levodopa."

Williams had battled severe depression for years and had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's, his widow, Susan, revealed after his death. He also had a "recent increase in paranoia," according to a medical history authorities recorded at the scene.

Maker of Seroquel to pay $68.5 million

List of Supplements for Cancer Prevention & Treatment


The main sources of our facts are from "What Others Say" BuyLowDoseNaltrexone.com

                                      Dr. Connealy's
List of Supplements for Cancer Prevention & Treatment

Fish Oil (fatty acids for membranes) www.goo.gl/861bEC

Vitamin D 5,000iu - 10,000iu (get levels checked}

Milk Thistle (detoxes liver)

Selenium (brazil nuts)

Green Tea drink or capsules 

Curcumin time release https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curcumin

Resveratrol (Red wine) www.goo.gl/SdzDbu

Modified Citrus Pectin (fibre from citrus fruits)

Shark Oil

Vitamin C (a lot)

Pancreatic Enzymes

(Obviously getting your nutrients via food, is better than via supplements, see Blueberries a super food with proven anti-cancer properties, see https://tinyurl.com/yaomzps8 )

Plus she mentions a couple of times that it is the immune system that needs to do the work, and it is now widely accepted that LDN http://www.lowdosenaltrexone.org/ repairs and rejuvenates the immune system like nothing else.

Video at https://youtu.be/_xEtCB2F8hw

Here are links to all the supplements she mentions...

Aging and Degeneration of the Innate Immune System
(eight from list above)
(four from list above)


For Skin Cancers we Suggest Black Salve
+ LDN is very effective

Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Treatment = Black Salve


Black Salve Skin Cancer On The Facial Areas 
Experienced By David K

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