LDN Capsules Make Your Own Naltrexone Medicine Capsules

Make Your Own LDN Medicine Capsules!      

You Simply Powder 50mg Naltrexone Tablets

If you prefer capsules you will usually pay about $55 inc
postage for 30 x 3mg capsules $1.83 ea, rather than166 Doses
for US$49 inc post via our solution method 3mg=US$0.30c ea


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We supply.....

1) Naltrexone (tablets to be crushed)
2) Electronic Scales to 0.001mg US$29.95
3) Manual Mini Capsule Filler  + 300 caps  US$29
4) Postage & Handling US$11.05

5) Geletin Capsles Size 0  x 1,000 Capsules US$29.95

Make Your Own Medicine Capsules Kit

Total = US$70.00


1) Take ten x 50mg Naltrexone tablets and crush them 
until a fine powder. You will have 500mg of powder.

2) Put your required dose in each capsule, if making
4.5mg capsules you would get 110 capsules.
If taking 3mg per day you would get 166 capsules

Take one per day, or as instructed by your health advisor. 

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