LDN Dosages Medical Advice Concerning Low Dose Naltrexone

LDN Dosages Medical Advice
High and Low Dose Naltrexone


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My story is here, so I am just a user, that helps others get supply (when they have trouble) coz I need it myself.

I *never* give any medical advice. Please post your questions at places like…

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Dudley Delany, R.N., M.A., D.C.


At present the expiry date for our Naltexone is May 2019


Q) How long does it last in soltion?

A) Uni of California tested it and found it good for up to 30 days at room temperature and 90 days refrigerated. These were under good conditions and I don't necessarily recommend that long.

I never mix up more than about 18 days worth for ourselves. We keep it atbedside, and have no problem. I left some dog LDN on the kitchen cabinet for weeks and it was apparently still good.

If something seems to be growing in it, or it looks at all funky, throw it out and make new. It is far too cheap to play games with.

If you are using compounded capsules and diluting them then definitely keep it refrigerated only. The filler could be lactose or sucrose orsome thing that can easily grow bacteria. I am speaking above about dissolving 50 mg pills only.

Does that help?



Also there is a large Yahoo group
you may want to look up or ask about.


Treating Pets / Animals with LDN

Click here for Low Dose Natrexone and Pets there are forums and groups.




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