Natural Treatment for Skin Cancer Black Salve LDN Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Treatment

  Hi Ian,

BTW, there aren't many ways to get Naltrexone easily (my doctor doesn't believe in it), and very many of us that use it to manage autoimmune conditions. So, for that - again, many thanks.
-- Caroline B (USA)

Hi Caroline,
Your doctor may say he does not believe in it, but what he is really saying is if he does not prescribe what he is “meant to”, he can face have malpractice lawsuits and the wrath of Big Pharma.

For example, my doctor happened to be my father in law (long retired) and when I went to him for Hepatitis C, he said “I am supposed to prescribe you Interferon with another drug, and if I don’t and you have liver failure,  you can sue me. But as you are my son in law, I have been reading a lot about low dose Naltrexone (LDN) and if I were you I would try that first, it is cheap and seems to work much better, with no side effects”.

And there is something natural  like that for just about everything. Another good example is skin cancer,
doctors are meant to prescribe surgery, some expensive drug made by Big Pharma and Chemo, but my pal had it on the end of his nose, and he is quite fond of the end of his nose, so he read everything he could on skin cancer. Well it turns out this Australian woman had written a book on a natural skin cancer paste that only kills cancer cells, and leaves good ones alone. It is called Black Salve, so he got some when you could buy it and put some on the end of his nose for a month and took a picture every day. In the end he had 30 pictures of his skin cancer turning into a acab, then falling off. And the end of his nose had and no cancer and looks fine. And he is still so grateful the for Black Salve. However the woman was stopped by Big Pharma from printing the book, and the guy selling it got a visit from “men in black” and was told it had not been double blind mega expensively tested,  so he must stop selling it. For a while he put “For Veterinary Use Only”, and got away with selling it for another year I think,  but eventually,they made him stop in Australia. All this time my pal who cured his nose skin cancer was shipping a little jar to anyone that asked for free,  from where he lived in Thailand. The Australian Govt could not do much to him,  but he did get threats and orders to stop and eventually, with his big family, and the hassles of giving it away, he could not continue. However, you can make your own and here are some links for you to do so...

How to make Black Salve Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Treatment

Ingredients :

    3 Tablespoons comfrey, calendula and plantain infused olive oil (see instructions below)
    2 teaspoons shea butter.
    2 Tablespoons coconut oil.
    2 Tablespoons Beeswax.
    1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil.
    2 Tablespoons Activated Charcoal Powder.
    2 Tablespoons Kaolin Clay.
    1 Tablespoon honey.

How to Make Black Salve You Tube Instructions

Big Pharma has made the Australian woman Elaine Hollingsworth stop printing the book.

For Reviews On You Tube and Amazon etc Click Here

Here are the pictures of it curing his skin cancer,  but how long they will last one this gets on the forums, I don’t know.

Bill's Skin Cancer Cure Daily Proof Pictures

I also have a .PDF of the recipe if required.

Please pass it around and good luck with Black Salve + LDN

NOTE: Like making your own beer and whiskey, it is hard to get it right and *all* the ingredients as per the recipe (from the Amish in US that Elaine Hollingsworth's book was about) so a guy with those skills has made some. He only got 12 x 35gm jars. If you are unwilling or unable to make your own, email me and I will tell the discreet way to buy some 100% curate Black Salve (see Bill's Proof above )


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All the best.....Ian