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Payment Options For Buying LDN Online


Who I am =


We offered Paypal for four years and have a 99% "Satisfaction Rating" from our customers. However we are unable to accept PayPal credit card payments at the moment, as the world's largest credit card providers (Paypal) have stopped providing service to online pharmacies etc.

There is also huge pressure from “Big Pharma” (that wants everybody to be on their “Chemo Therapy” drugs.) They also ban any account that sells pharmaceuticals, even if herbal remedies and FDA approved etc.

So we had to find different ways for you to make payment. We have found all the methods below.

All Methods Include Free Postage!

By secure credit card payment …
However sometimes your bank may find some pedantic reason to cancel your order, so may require a call to them to say you want International purchasing and approval.

Did you tell your bank? Here is why!

For support at, please send an email to, they reply quite quickly!

Pay Via Credit Card

If you have issues with your card please see other buying options on this page.


New!  Sign up for Instarem.... for free, and send funds that way.

=========== Moneygram Back?==================

STOP PRESS - The last few I got were paid out no problems. You must go in person to Walmart etc. Worst that can happen is MG refunds you. Please try it if convenient.



I have been banned by PayPal.con, WesternOnion eTired etc .  Yet they refuse to say why!!? You can easily guess why. The payment methods now are below.  If no response within 24 hours pls contact our backup at ihewitt @ (no spaces)                

Delivery will take approximately 14 business days.

Hi Ian,
Thanks for the advice.  I went into Walmart and the form they use is very simple. So much simpler than the online version. And it can be sent in 5 minutes!
- Gary Z  USA

Ian Edward Hewitt
110/67 Moo 3
Cherng Talay
Phuket 83110

3) Grandma Method: Send cash (your currency-prices below) insde a normal Birthday or Xmas card, in an envelope so it looks like a standard Airmail letter/card, then post it to my Thai address shown below via “Airmail”, as soon as it arrives I email you then send your order. (Fedex or EMS etc are too expensive), but "Airmail' is cheap. Or send it "Registered", you will get a number so you can check that I get it, you can’t track it on the way, but if not here in 14 days they can track it down.
This method has never failed, plus we guarantee delivery.
(if it looks just like an Airmail letter, many don’t register it,
and those seem to get here fastest and just as reliable!)

Convert cost here to send cash in your own your currency

NOTE = REMEMBER to include your name and address!

10 (US$49 / A$59 / 59CAD / 36GBP / 36EUR / NZ$66 / 1,500Bht)

30 (US$99 / A$120 / 120CAD / 74GBP / 80EUR / NZ$140 / 3,200Bht)

60 (US$149 / A$189 / 189CAD / 119GBP / 129EUR / NZ$215 / 4,900Bht)

Address for cash
Ian Edward Hewitt
110/67 Moo 3
Cherng Talay
Phuket 83110

4)Transfer from your bank the amount into my Australian bank account (best if in Australia, no fees!)

Ian Edward Hewitt  account # 5889 61207
ANZ Bank, Shop 6,
464 Hay St, Subiaco ,
Australia  6008
(Swift Code ANZBAU3M ) ( BSB 016460 )

Ask your bank about ACH transfers, apparently they are cheaper.
Transfer the amount into my Thailand bank account
(includes fees unless in Thailand)

Ian Edward Hewitt
Acc # = 9072034535
Kasikorn Bank
Kamala Phuket Branch
Kamala Beach
78/320-31Moo3 Kamala
Patong RD, Kamala
Tel- 076 385491

Ian E Hewitt
110/67 Moo 3
Cherng Talay
Phuket 83110

6)    We accept Bitcoins,

We accept Bitcoins, here are some easy instructions of how to start..
Instructions to Buy and Sell Bitcoin etc
Buy Bitcoins,

I use super secure.....

They have the fastest support i have ever used!
And you can use Credit Cards to buy, and is easier than you think. Bitcoin is a cheap and fast way to pay!

My Bitcoin address is....


But please email me at buynaltrexoneonline @
                                                                   (no spaces)

If you decide to use bitcoin etc

(You can use the number above to transfer money)
PS REMEMBER to email me the number of
Bitcoins you sent as it is somewhat anonymous.

After payment you can expect FREE delivery in about 14 business days.

Please let us know if/when you want to proceed by just making payment and emailing us the bank payment details you will get. All banks will issue you with some payment proof like a receipt number. We will also need your address to send the goods via our FREE shipping.

It is quite easy to do a wire transfer from your bank account to one of ours. Or get your bank staff to do it, it is what they are paid for! You then just send me the receipt/payment details and I will send the goods immediately.

You are safe as you are issued a document/receipt that proves you paid. Also, please see the link below to LDN forums and to what other people say. Sorry for the hassle,  but many do it this way without too much trouble and once done the first time it is very easy after that. See….

After payment,  free delivery time is about 14 business days
100% Guaranteed Successful Delivery Worldwide