What if I have Customs or Delivery Issues

Hi All,

Of all our fequently asked questions,  these would be the top three ....

1. I'm wondering what the use by date on these would be?

**We have the Nodict 50mg brand at present and the exp date is always at least two years into the future.

2. If I stored them in the freezer would that extend the use by date?

**I guess they would last almost forever,  as they are in foil wrappers and would be frozen. But if you are using even one tablet per week, they will not go out of date.

3. Can you send them to "Country Name" and is Customs in "Country Name" a problem with shipping these?

**We have had no problems shipping to "Country Name" so far. If they are not delivered for any reason, we take responsibility and refund or re-ship.

Please be assured you can order with confidence.



We ship Worldwide, unlike many other suppliers we also deliver to Germany, U.K., Switzerland, Canada, Mexico and other usually very difficult European Countries!