BANK Falcon 24/7 Anti-fraud Protection

Falcon 24/7 Anti-fraud Bank Protection

Many banks have round-the-clock credit card security provided by Falcon to help protect your credit card. If they identify any transactions as possibly suspect or unusual, some will try to get in touch with you to make sure it’s actually one of your transactions. If they can’t or don't get hold of you, they might make a decision to block the account until you can confirm the transaction. This means your credit or debit card could be declined by a merchant overseas when you know that there are funds available,  because Falcon has detected overseas transactions which are not consistent with the normal pattern of your account. That’s why it’s important to let them know that you are traveling overseas before you depart by calling your bank, and to make sure they have your latest contact details. Or give them a call, and from now on they know you travel or purchase overseas and it won't happen again.

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